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Thursday, July 03, 2008

*Excited shriek* Sigh!!!!

It's totally totally worth going alone to my favourite Italian for lunch.

The food is unsurpassable and if that were not enough... I even get to be seated right in front of the lovely little kitchen, have the rather dashing young waiter and the kitchen staff flirt with me (and who knew smiles and twinkles could be THAT communicative? :D)... my waiter spoke in Italian throughout, I have no idea why but heck... he and the kitchen staff seemed to think it absolutely heaven-sent to have me seated under their noses :P (God, am giggling like I were seventeen... can't help it, everytime anyone gives me this super-gorgeous-woman treatment I melt :P)

Top it all off with not one but two pieces of my favourite complimentary dark chocolate and what you've got yourself is a very happy, sated, giggling me... happy to while away the afternoon at work, which at first had seemed so boring. :D :D :D


  1. *drool*

    It's not even 11:30am and I'm hungry now...Damn you :P

  2. Don't know about the rest but I love dark chocolate.

  3. hehehehehe *shreeekkkkk!

  4. No niña se resiste a un tratamiento de princesa, ¿puede?;)

  5. Silvara: I thought that drool was meant for me, for a minute :P hehe... you MUST try the food here though... it's something else!!!

    Arunima: same pinch!!! Can't stand milk chocolate!

    La vida loca: :D

    Zephyr: Je ne sais pas :P

  6. I love great Italian food, and dark chocolate:-)

  7. there is nothing like doing something alone and enjoying it! It so makes your day.