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Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Does Your Garden Grow?

So, I had a chance to have a good look at the garden yesterday, considering I spent an hour and a half doing that, albeit from one spot. I could very well have been looking at the people going by and come up with something interesting to report... but hey, people aren't all that interesting to me.

Anywhooo.... it was raining the garden soon turned into a freaking slugfest! I could see the tiny buggers everywhere (That's an effor given the poor state of my eyesight, but I did, I swear!) I spotted one centimetres away from my foot and the damn thing started crawling just then. And I know it's silly, but it's absolutely revolting to see one of them crawl more so if they look like they're crawling right towards you. yeuch!! And no, don't gimme the 'All god's creatures great and small' line... I worked for BNHS and I've done my share of loving all creatures, thank you very much.

And after I'd gotten over my initial revulsion, I started paying more attention to sluggy. (Yeah that's how it rolls, it's 'Slug!!' at first, with revulsion, then it becomes 'Mr.Slug' with a minimum amount of respect' and then it's 'Sluggy' in a very comrade-type way.) Sluggy was determinedly crawling as I mentioned before. I'm here to tell anyone who calls them slow-coaches, they're NOT. They're bloody crawling like jelly on a tilted plastic surface!!!

Trying to pass the time by watching sluggy and his friends (uh uh, gimme one reason why slugs should be female? Oh wait, they're hermaphrodites, so it doesn't make any difference :P). Sluggy nimbly crawled and climbed up the wall next to me and when I wondered why he'd do that, he firstly took shelter under the metal bar that separates our property from the neighbours... dunno why, they DO like water after all... My questions were answered when I found sluggy acting all come-hither with another slug that was there. They fooled around for a bit and just as I was thinking I ought to offer my congratulations on the happy event, they decided they weren't suited for each other and moved on. Oh well.

Then there was the other one... crawled towards the puddle that had formed in the handholds of a sewage tank cover and stayed there for a bit, probably contemplating whether to dive in or not. It finally just lounged around at the side of the puddle, much like humans do beside pools... and then got bored and started crawling away.

I also saw a lone garden snail. Man these snails are batty. Last I saw one, it has bits of dirt sticking to its shell. I counted 16 slugs and that one garden snail before I went inside.

What was I doing out in the rain for 90 mins you ask? I forgot my keys in the morning. Yes yes, we all know where this is headed. I got locked out. Again. Stop sniggering. NOW.


  1. hahaha!!
    Not to be laughing at ur plight...but still!!
    How'd u get in??

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    hehehhehehe :-))) AGAIN ?? you got locked out again-aa??

    But hey, I appreciate you keeping us informed about all your lock-outs! :-))

  3. Hehehe.. it's amazing how you make an interesting post out of a sluggish evening like that one !

    Hey,did you make sure it was just 16 sluggies? You know, the 17th one might have just crawled up the leg...did you make absolutely sure ;-)

  4. La vida Loca3:13 AM

    there must be some way to surgically attach the keys to ur body!

  5. @lavida... I shud b able to think of one such contraption!! :D lol

  6. Hahaha!!!
    Your what-should-I-do-while-I-am-locked-out skills keeps improving.

    @la vida loca: Lol! That was a nice one.

  7. You know those old Hindi films with the ghar ki maalkin wearing those big jhumkas full of keys on her waist? You need something like that. Seriously.

    And hello (here via...umm...comments on other blogs I think)

  8. I for some reason cannot stand the sight of earthworms or for that matter any creepy crawlies.
    I used to get locked out all the time until I started carrying my keys attached to my cell phone.

  9. Venkatdeep: Err yes, that... I waited till my housemate got home. All the more reason to miss her when she moves out soon. Sigh.

    Snippetsnscribbles: Err yes, AGAIN! What to do ya?

    Alwayshappykya: :D Well, there's always something going on if you look around enough :D Umm, the 17th one? I freed it in the garden for sure :D And between you and Sree I will get several attempts to scare my wits out I guess... haha :D

    La Vida Loca: Oh totally! It'll become the latest fashion trend :P

    Venkatdeep: I'm not volunteering services as guinea pig for this contra[tion, let me know when you've perfected and patented it :P

    Zephyr: Ya man, practice makes one perfect :P

    ??!: Hello! Yeah I have seen you around too :) Adn that sure is an idea... maybe that is what I'll pester mum to buy me next instead of jewellery. But wait. I already have my keys hanging from a keychain that sports a very blue, very ugly, very grumpy very Elvis-looking Smurf. I thought that was helpful enough. Apparently not :(

    Nevermind: Hii!! I used to have a phobia of slimy creepy crawlies too... getting over most of them one by one though. And I definitely would carry keys around attached to my phone... just that I'd break the phone for sure then :)

  10. omg that is so funny :D

    well at least getting locked out of various places makes for interesting blogging :P

  11. good lord!

    I am alarmed...

    remind me never to step in to your garden!


  12. Silvara: haha! True!

    Chandni: Umm.. don't come when it's raining :) You're welcome otherwise!