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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Of 'summer'

I know I wrote 'Goodbye summer' and yes I did mean for it to lead you all to believe that I was talking of the season ending. And maybe I should be proud that I could make you all think that was all I was talking about, I am proud that I could reverse reading between the lines... but it also makes me feel terrible. I have no idea why. Maybe I didn't actually want to reveal my true feelings then. But I'm sick of hiding things. And so I shall say exactly what I want to, no hide and seek anymore.

Here's the truth about this piece: It wasn't about summer. Not entirely. It was about one time which could have been summer, it was about a person who I had associated with a certain summer. This was me saying goodbye to a former friend... this was me ending things*. But save your sympathy etc, I had to get it out of my system. And I have now. Thanks for sticking around though!

*And no it was not a break-up.


  1. Come to think of it now, those words had all that was needed to convey what you really meant. Guess it was just me.

    But how does it feel when friends say goodbye? If it was not actual love, like you said (And no it was not a break-up), then how come you ended things? I never thought that we end things with a friend. Its, I feel, just a thing that flows by with time. Anyway, quite unfortunate the said person is, losing a friend like you.

    But enough of goodbyes, time to welcome spring. What say?

    -A friend

  2. Not all summers are seasons, not all seasons are summers...

    And... now I am just making stuff up :D

  3. Ah! So it wasnt about summer! It was a lot more!
    Hmmmm... Hope things are better now!


  4. *hugs*
    Sorry to hear that...hope things are fine now...

  5. Zephyr: Doesn't have to involve love for it to end, does it? I hadn't thought things end with friends either... but I guess that's another thing one learns as an adult. There's only looking forward now :)

    Amey: Very well said!!

    whencutdeep: Yeah, it'll be alright though!

    snippetsnscribbles: awwww thanks! *hug*

  6. It was a a very intense post to be writing just about summer - brilliant twist, but still, there was always someting more to it...

    Hope things are better :)

  7. :-) I am sure I would have thought you wrote about summer only. Brains!

  8. It was discernable that the words and goodbye were not just for summer...which is what made it such a beautiful post, I thought.

  9. Silvara: Thank you! I guess I have moved on, it's out of my system now :)

    Arunima: Good to have you back here!

    Anu: Thanks! Do we get to read your blog? :)

  10. Ooh, one more proof I can pull of philo stuff when I put random words together ;)

  11. When you told me that the 'summer' was infact euphemism, I did want to ask why was that supposed to be?

    Your words were too strong for just a passing season.They deserved to mean more than that.

    Good, you got it out of your system Dews.


  12. oh! I wasn't aware that the blog link wasn't displyed in my profile :D It is available now... but I guess, you've already been there once before :)