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Friday, July 04, 2008

Tom & Jerry, new episode

So what if it's Friday? It means nothing when the editor's going on holiday and we have to work at double speed to get things off to press and to other editors.

Anyway, amidst the madness that had taken hold of our office today, busy trying to get a hundred things done, all which needed my attention and completion at ONCE, I decided to double check some detail before I sent something out. So I'm standing there, doors to our cupboards open, diligently perusing whatever document it was in my hands and I hear a gasp behind me. I turned around, frowning slightly, only to see my boss standing there, eyes wide, hand covering his mouth. Deftly putting two and two together I asked him 'Were you just about to shut the door with me behind it?' He recovered and said 'I was going to apologise if that makes it better.'

So, you see, sometimes we play Tom & Jerry at work for amusement.


  1. hahahahha....hilarious :)

  2. Anonymous3:42 AM

    soooooper !!! hahahhahahah ! :D

  3. hahaha!! brilliant!

  4. Ha ha... no such entertainment incentives at my work place whatsoever.

  5. Silvara: :D Glad I can make ya laugh!!

    Snippetsnscribbles: thengew thengew :D

    Venkatdeep: haha!! Thanks!

    Zephyr: Aiyyo poor you, hope there are good looking people at least!

    Silk Smitha and Disco Shanti: Yappa what a loong name!! Illige swagata, tumba tanks!

  6. hehe!! Wow .....

    my former boss would have closed the door without a second thought and then expected me to apologize .. :P ..

  7. hahaha!!! Sounds like a right pain!!! Hope the current one is much better!

  8. haha...and you related it to Tom n Jerry.Thats super hilarious!

  9. may i get a job pliss?! :D
    i am adequately mad! :D