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Monday, July 07, 2008

What Has Long Legs, A Fuzzy Head and Black and Yellow Hair?


This is what you get for going to bed thinking about colouring your hair and thinking back to 'The Bee Movie' that you watched two nighs back, at the same time. Dreams where your stylist is recommending that you streak your hair yellow.


  1. :D
    But wait a minute. Hair colour? Hmmmmm...
    Go for chartreuse colour and post your pic!!

    And I would like fries and chocolate chips with that!


  2. I would comment on the post, but need to confirm there is no sting in the tale ;)

  3. hahaha!! I looked at the post title and the first thing tht came into my head was a giraffe! :D


  4. Thts a nice movie tho... :)

  5. Anonymous8:08 PM

    OMG!! I thought of a giraffe toooo!! :-))))

  6. Thanks much for the Wishes, babe!

    Yellow streaks in jet black would actually make a cool thinks :-)

  7. Sometimes you should just go with the flow!
    So...go for it!
    And please be so kind as to present us with a picture of the makeover.

  8. Okay okay, discalimer: I have nointention of changing my hair colour... it was just one of those things you give a thought to.

    Zephyr: Where the heck did choc chips and fries come from? I haven't opened a food outlet, not even referred to food!

    Amey: LOL!!! No no, I do not sting I assure you :D

    Venkatdeep: GIRAFFE???!!! Didn't strike me, but hey that works too! And yeah it was an awfully good movie :)

    Snippetsnscribbles: I really need to work of my narration haha!!

    La vida loca: errrmmm... Just not into hair colouring, louve my original one :D

    Alwayshappykya: You think so? It seemed to me to be a rather freaky combo, I've never seens anyone with yellow hair! Do they even offer that colour in salons??!!

    I love lucy: Yaar am not really going for a hair colour change, certainly not yellow! But maybe a virtual makeover :D heehehee!!

  9. Now tht u added the disclaimer... I can't add to the growing petition of asking you to present a picture of the makeover!! :P

  10. Arre that was just a manner of implication that the 'posting pic' part was an order of sort as if in a restaurant and so...:P

  11. That could be me:-) I am going from black hair to my original blond again. What was I thinking?

  12. hahahahahahaha!


  13. Venkatdeep: Sorry to disappoint :D

    Zephyr: Boy, you are weird.

    Romi: I think black hair really suits you!!!

    Keshi: Yeah I know :D

  14. Ha ha...
    Well now you know me!!