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Friday, July 25, 2008

Hello, I'm Advil Tylenol. I'm An Evil Genius in Training.

My boss and I relieve the tedium of our routine by passing snippets of fascinating info to each other as and when the mood/idea strikes. I just told him about reading a piece in the paper where some guy was saying naming kids after medicine names would be so great. And this is tge conversation tht followed:

Boss: There aren't any cool names in medicine really. And besides, this opens up a whole new world od possibilities regarding the meanings of those names!

Me: Oh I can't really remember, but he did mention quite a few names.

Boss: Yes but imagine their difficulties in later life. Any email addressed to them would immediately be directed to spam!

Me: True

Boss: Oh wait! This is a campain! The parents are spammers and they're going to use this as their weapon to legalize those names and get them removed from the spamming list... and then they'd be rich!

Me: Wow, you really do think far ahead!

Boss: Did I mention I'm moonlighting as an evil genius who plans to take over the world?

Me: So what am I doing HERE as your assistant? You should give me a job!

Boss: Well, you'd have to be a henchman and that job comes with several drawbacks, the main being that you'd be first destroyed at the hands of my nemesis, James Blunt. However, if you do manage to make it to the promoted post of minion, there are perks.

Me: Oh I'm sure I'll survive.

Boss: Okay I'll get you an application form for 'Henchman' then.


  1. An evil gang? With identities named after medicines? BLOODY BRILLIANT!! So what will be your weapon? Anthrax syringe;) I can even foresee a graphic novel series on stands published by your team! Hmmm... your boss IS a genius!

  2. Mona Darling, sona kahan hai? ;)

  3. oh boy! i have SO much to catch up on... SO sorry haven't been regular here! pwomise to make up for it... before u start pouting and saying nobody louves u... :D
    added u to my reader... :)

  4. Anonymous4:52 PM

    ahahahhaha! suuuper cool conversation !! :D

  5. You have a cool boss, I hope you know.
    :P .....

  6. hey is ur family ok after the blast in blore?

  7. Zephyr: Now that's an idea!!!

    Amey: Sona Raabert ke saath biskoot laane gayi hai Baasss. :P

    Rayshma: haha!! No worries no worries!! It's good to have you back here! And thanks a ton for adding me to your reader, you shall be blogrolled senorita!

    La vida loca: hahaha!!! Yeah! Go Bugle!! And thank you so much for asking after my family, they are all safe, thank god. Hope yours are well too!

    Snippetsnscribbles: :D And that's only a little bit of what passes everyday!!

    Rambunctious whippersnapper: haha! Yes I do indeed! More importantly, he knows it too! :)

  8. Hahaha... What a boss...pure genius!
    The names vaguely remind me of a medico joke tho...
    Oh...hav a look at this..
    Who the hell names their kid 'taula does the hula'

    Whats the world coming to!! Yappa!

  9. when i was young..we had code names for indian medicines in kannada...
    lets c if u can crack it...!!

  10. Parle G? Achcha ji... ;)

  11. Haha !! Cool conversation !

    The evil genious's henchman..err..henchwoman sounds like a superb job profile to have!

    BTW, those kannada codes for meds listed by silk smitha..were awesome. LOL! Olley talented people neevella!

    Got 2 of the three:


    What's that one?

  12. @alwayshappykya
    yeah...u got those 2 right.!! and
    doddagombe is MEGADOLL...!! :P :P
    i know this is a lil childish...but what the was fun way back then...!!!