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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I Have A Master's Degree. In Getting Locked Up.

Remember how I got locked out and then locked in?? Turns out that the degree I began with those apparently reached a conclusion yesterday as I set a new record for myself, excelling in such activities, as they may be.

I was out shopping after work and got to the station way later than usual. The display board was yet to announce the platform on which my train stood but I sallied forth confidently, not letting that deter me.

I saw the train that comes from home pulling in and by over using my mental capacity, figured this was the one I was supposed to board. So I did, after dutifully letting the passengers get off. I chose a seat and made myself comfortable thinking gleefully how I'd been so smart as to choose a seat near the door which would open right in front of the exit of my home station.

Toodle doodle doo... tweet tweet... deeet... sat there twiddling my thumbs mentally, waiting for the announcement, other passengers... something that would be indicative of the normalcy of this situation. And then, CLANG! The doors shut. The display starts to show the trainis heading t another station. And I'M THE ONLY FREAKING PASSENGER IN THE TRAIN!!!!

To add some merriment to this situation my phone starts buzzing just then and since I recently changed my ringtone to 'Dakota' and it scared the friggin hell out of me when it rang in the middle of the night while I was in that state between sleep and wakefulness and am yet to fully recover from the trauma of this, it didn't help things one bit.

Anyhoo... after much running back and forth between the two sets of doors and activating the emergency alarm and standing like a fool while people passed by without so much as looking at me (Was it because I was wearing black???!!! NOOOOOOOO... I'M A RIGHT HOTTIE YOU FOOLS!! HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE ME??!!!)... I had a guard come spot me, give a slightly undecided look and finally unlock the doors. He also asked 'Where were you when we were checking the train earlier?' I was trudging towards it, that's where I was. hmpfh!n an aside, why doesn't it ever happen that, for for-the-sake-of-posterity type moments, nobody ever asks 'Where were you all my life?' type questions??? Ok, maybe not. That would be freaky. So yeah, he helped me out all the while looking like he was mentally shaking his head going 'Damn fools! THIS is what I do with my life, deal with people like HER! GAH!'

Long story short, I hopped on the right train and came home.

No, I don't do embarassment... not much point really because that would mean I'd be embarassed all the time.

Soooo.... if this was the conclusion of my MA in Locked Up, I wonder what my graduation's going to be like. *sarcasm* can't wait! *end sarcasm*


  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    bwahahahhah !!!! ROFL ROFL

    "where were you all my life" !!!!

    loved the usage of it in this context :-))))

  2. Been there, done that ;)

    The train went into a tunnel, stopped for half an hour to allow us to reach panic stage, and (luckily) strated back towards our station.

    We were three people together, thrice the brainpower :D

  3. HA HA HA HA....
    ...wish I could've seen your face when that ringto...
    ...HA HA HA HA HA...

  4. haha!! I can imagine... I did tht once with bengalooru BMTC!! Got into a bus goin in the opposite direction...


  5. :D

    Directionless? :D


  6. Snippetsnscribbles: Heheh!

    Amey: :D Sounds like a rght party to me!! Welcome here!

    Zephyr: If you MUST know, I looked exasperated. pppfffftttt!! :P

    Venkatdeep: I've done that too... I've also fallen asleep and gotten down 5-6 stops ahead of mine. Gah!

    Impulsively Me: No, just... have a talent for getting into lockand key situations :P

  7. hehe bloody ring tone!That must have been scary!
    You know....ghosts do exist,I dont think you were the only passenger there.The black dress saved you!BOOO!

  8. You could have started by saying " One dark night when the wolves roamed in the jungle.."

    Hahaha!! The brain goes in an autopilot mode and makes us feel stupid. Happens sometimes.

    Be safe girl.

    BTW, have honoured your tag on a 'special' day.

  9. hahahah that's a classic :)

    Never had that happen to me but you seriously have a talent! :P

    Glad you got home ok tho

  10. :D
    But seriously girl, take care.

  11. Sree: Ghosts are scared of black??!! New one on me, but will remember :D

    alwayshappykya: Hey, thanks for doing the tag! Happy Birthday to you!! And I'll do my best to stay safe, but I have a knack for these things... hehe

    Silvara: hehe :D I certainly seem to be developing a talent for this :P I do get home in one piece all the time, my only saving grace here :D Thanks, your concern makes me feel nice!

    Keshi: lol!! :D

    Ajeya: Oh yeah... one of the rarer moments in my life :D Welcome here!

    Zephyr: I will, I will!!

  12. Ghosts only see red and suck!
    hmm was tryin to scare...looks like it dint work :(