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Monday, July 14, 2008

Who Will Louve Me?

I was pestering B while at work asking her to talk to me. I did the whole pouting bit and burst out with

"Nobody louves me, I'm going to the garden to eat worms."

She retorted: The worms might just love you.

We already kow slugs do. Heh.


  1. Of course they do!

    Especially sluggy;)

  2. Awww....c'mere you! *wide open arms*

  3. Hate to ask this at this delicate time in your life, but worms will love you for eating them? That's some tough love ;)

  4. hmmm...worms louve u...and u will eat them?!! aiyo paapa!!

    Ur blog friends r there to talk...albeit in a different way!! :D


  5. Oh, So sweet you sound dear!

    If I were B, I don't think I could have answered anything..would be laughing hard on your worm eating ;-)

  6. The worms might actually louve you back know what it took for you to get over your fear of worms and being brave enough to eat them :P

  7. worms will loovveee u a lot. dont worry

  8. akka.....
    their love will be as slimy as husaru...they might just "slip" away...!!

  9. Zephyr: Oh, absolutely!

    snippetsnscribbles: :D awwwww *hugs*

    Amey: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good point. It's a rather high-end philosophy question and I don't think I'm in a state to answer it. You look like you could help me out though! :D

    Venkatdeep: haha, no no, I don't think I will now... y blog friends are there to louve me :P

    Alwayshappykya: :D awww thanks! B laughed too btw :)

    Never mind: I don't know ya, Amey doesn't think so nor does Venkatdeep.

    I love lucy: Luck eating worms or finding some louve? Still trying to figure which is a safer bet hehe

    la vida loca: no ya, it looks like pranasankata to me!

    Silk smitha and disco shanti: vairy good vaarning brather!

  10. haha v cute!

    Nobody loves I started loving myself.


  11. To quote Ms. Phoebe Boufay

    "The Universe loves you"


  12. Keshi: I love me too!!!

    Rambunctious whippersnapper: :D That's comforting!

  13. Heres valuable wisdom gleaned from Orkut...
    He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals


  14. Once someone do start louving you then you gonna miss...the worms.Or remembering to take the keys.

  15. Philosophy... my favourite -sophy (-ophy? phy?). Let's begin by defining tough love...

  16. Venkatdeep: Orkut is full of copycats and cliches :P

    Sree: No no, the universe loves me (according to Rambunctious Whippersnapper here) so keys and worms, all shall louve me :D
    amey: That's going to requires an entire blog post, if not several blog posts. Inspiration strikes? :D

  17. Ladies first...

  18. Hello....Anybody there? Echo!

    What's you upto? Get up and write na.

  19. Amey: Pass :P

    snippetsnscribbles: Here wonly ya... suffering from ennui and lack of inspiration :(

    alwayshappykya: Hellooo!! Sorry, just haven't had anything to write about for a bit, will be back sooon!

  20. Play a nice video game.
    That might invigorate your senses:)

  21. :-) the glow worms?